We've improved our systems

We have been working hard to make our systems better for you, and have introduced new areas to the system. These changes came into effect on 5 April 2020.

The changes

The ‘Deans Report’ is now known as ‘Quality Reporting’

Firstly, we have changed the name of the ‘Deans Report’ to ‘Quality Reporting’. To support this, we have made change to many of the screen in the ‘Deans Report’ section to relabel fields to represent Quality Reporting.

We’ve updated the guidance to reflect these changes, however these are only text changes, the functionality has not changed.

New Quality Assurance section

The major change you’ll note is the introduction of the new Quality Assurance section. This section is currently active but we have not yet loaded any data in here. We’ll contact you individually over the coming weeks to let you know when there is something for you in GMC Connect.

Your Regional teams will also contact you to arrange training on the new system and we will also upload the appropriate user guides to GMC Connect.