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National training survey for doctors delivering postgraduate training

The survey of trainers gives postgraduate educational and clinical supervisors the opportunity to tell us about their experience of delivering local training.

Survey results

The 2017 survey results have been published with 53.6% of postgraduate clinical and educational supervisors completing the survey.

Explore the latest results in our new look reporting tool.

Read Training environments 2017: key findings from the national training surveys (pdf), or view reports on previous years' results on our survey reports page.

What is the survey for?

Trainers have a unique perspective on the quality and effectiveness of medical training in the UK. The national training survey gives you an opportunity to provide confidential feedback on medical education and training in the UK and, in particular, the support you receive in your role as a trainer. 

The survey results will be used alongside other sources of information to review and improve training programmes and posts, and support for trainers.

We use colour coding to highlight results that are significantly above or below the average to help identify areas for investigation. Deaneries and HEE local teams report the results of their investigation and actions to us in their dean's report.


The effectiveness of the survey depends on its integrity. It’s important to us and your deanery/HEE local team that you answer the survey honestly. 

To ensure that you feel comfortable answering the survey honestly we have several precautions to prevent you from being identified. You can read more about this in our confidentiality agreement.

  • Your responses to the multiple choice questions will always remain confidential and only published in aggregated form.
  • Only our teams who work on surveys and quality assurance will have access to your responses to the multiple choice questions. This data will not be handled by or visible to any other areas of the GMC.