Quality assuring the clinical and professional skills assessment (CPSA)

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  2. Quality assuring the clinical and professional skills assessment CPSA

The CPSA for students at UK medical schools will be set by individual medical schools and quality assured by us, against a series of requirements. The purpose of the CPSA requirements is to allow us to check the quality, consistency and fairness of a school’s CPSA to ensure that it can count towards a student’s MLA.

The CPSA requirements have been developed in collaboration with medical schools and with the support of independent assessment experts. In particular our dedicated CPSA discussions with medical schools in 2019 provided us with feedback and key themes and, throughout 2020, we’ve been working on a pilot to test the CPSA requirements and develop our quality assurance processes. Details about the pilot and what we learned, can be found in the pilot’s in-depth report.

In order to support schools in meeting the requirements, we have prepared additional information and guidance on creating, preparing and submitting a return which is available to download below.

CPSA downloads