Progression reports - Royal colleges and faculties

We report on the progression of doctors through key stages in their training. These include specialty examinations, annual review of competence progression (ARCP) and their application and entry into further training. We report this by training organisation and by doctors personal characteristics.

We also look at how prepared first year foundation doctors feel to enter training and the specialties in which they complete their certificate of completion of training (CCT) and we publish reports to identify and investigate trends or variations for training organisations.

Training pathways

We've published a report about doctors moving in and out of training. This will help training organisations to understand how doctors progress through training.

Our findings show that taking time out of training is common. Around a third of the current UK training population took a break in the past five years.

Breaks immediately after completing the Foundation Programme are also increasing – from 30% after 2012 to 54% after 2016.

Although a small number don’t return to training within five years (7% of the 2012 foundation year 2 doctors), nearly 90% start specialty or core training within three years.

Training pathways: analysis of the transition from the foundation programme to the next stage of training.