Curricula approval and making changes

All postgraduate curricula must meet the standards set out in Excellence by design.

We approve changes to a curriculum or assessment that leads to the award of a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT). There are two stages to the approving curriculum process.

1. Strategic support

Your curriculum purpose statement will need the endorsement of the Curriculum Oversight Group, if you are proposing any of the following:

  • a new curriculum
  • a change to the curriculum’s purpose statement
  • changes to the training pathway, including additional entry routes
  • changes to overall indicative training time, including for dual programmes.

The group tells us if the curriculum meets the needs of the four countries of the UK.

For more information or to apply, read Obtaining strategic support for your curriculum.

2. Curriculum approval

If you have the endorsement of the Curriculum Oversight Group, or your proposal doesn’t need their support, you can develop your curriculum and submit it to us for full approval. 

We will send your application to the Curriculum Advisory Group, who make recommendations about whether curricula meets our standards. The final decision will be made by our assistant registrar.

For more information or to apply, read Making changes to your curricula.

View the latest schedule for curriculum and assessment review.

Administrative changes to curriculum

If you are a royal college and want to make an administrative change to your curriculum that does not alter its meaning, purpose or structure, you can submit the administrative change form on GMC Connect.

Download the form for making administrative changes.