Who needs to complete the survey?

If you are working in a GMC approved training post in the UK on the date the survey opens, you should complete the survey.

This includes:

  • Foundation trainees
  • Core trainees
  • Higher specialty training, including SpR and GP trainees
  • FTSTA trainees, LAT trainees
  • Military trainees
  • Trainees in Clinical Lecturer and Academic Clinical Fellowship posts
  • Out of programme training (OOPT) on an approved programme in the UK
  • Post-CCT training towards a sub-specialty
  • Trainees working for non-NHS organisations, e.g. occupational medicine, palliative medicine and pharmaceutical medicine
  • Non-medical public health trainees. 

If you’re out of training, for any reason, on the census date (20 April 2021), you don’t need to take the survey. If you haven’t received a survey invite and you think you should have, please contact your deanery or HEE local team.

Doctors who have been redeployed

If you’ve been redeployed to another post, please base your answers on the post you were in on 20 April 2021. We will ask you in the survey if you were in a redeployed post on this date.

Doctors who have been shielding

Doctors who have been shielding have been working in a range of different settings and roles, including remotely. We would like as many shielding trainees as possible to take the survey, even if some of the questions are less relevant than when in your usual role. For example, you may not have been working in a hospital or community setting, but you may have been undertaking consultations remotely from home.

We encourage you to work through the survey as best you can. If you feel you can’t answer an individual question accurately, please select ‘not applicable’, ‘I don’t know’ or ‘neither agree nor disagree’.