What happens to your answers?

Every survey response, across every specialty and location, really does count. Your answers help us check that the training and support you receive meets our standards, so we can take action where it doesn’t. And this year, your responses will be particularly important for our work with others to help training recover, as we move forward from the pandemic

Your answers help:

  • your postgraduate dean to identify local concerns and examples of good practice
  • your college and faculty to review curricula and how specialties are taught
  • your trainers and other doctors check how their departments, hospitals or GP practices are doing
  • policy makers and health services across the UK to identify trends and take action where improvements are needed
  • regulators and quality improvement bodies to resolve patient safety issues
  • us - the GMC - to identify serious concerns, and work with your postgraduate dean to address them. We also use the data to speak up about the pressures and challenges you’re facing.

What happens if you raise a concern about patient safety or bullying and undermining?

Your deanery/HEE local team will investigate all comments raised. We share your comment as well as your training site, training level and post specialty. Your deanery/HEE local team will investigate the comment with your local education provider and report back to us. We don’t share your name in the first instance, but we’ll tell you if we need to do this to help with follow up actions.

For more information on how deaneries/HEE local teams report on these comments see briefing note 4 on our documents page.