How to complete the survey

When is the survey open?

The survey is open from Tuesday 19 March 2019. You can complete it straightaway and you don’t need an access code or an invite (unless you are a public health or pharmaceutical medicine trainee).

The National Training Survey is now closed, we are collating the results and will report on them later in the year.

Where do you go to complete the survey?

You complete the survey in GMC Online, our secure online portal for doctors. If you don’t have a GMC Online account yet, find out how to set one up.

If you are a none medical public health trainee, you should receive an email inviting you to take part in the survey from your faculty. If you haven't received this, please contact your faculty.

How long will it take?

It usually takes around 15 minutes to complete the national training survey.

If you don’t complete a survey page within an hour it will time out and you will lose your answers on that page. But once you reach the end of a section, the survey will automatically remember your answers.

If you want to pause the survey or close the browser before you reach the end of a section, use the ‘Finish later’ button to avoid losing your answers.

To resume the survey, go to the ‘My surveys’ page in the left-hand menu of GMC Online, and click ‘Resume’. ‘National training survey 2019’ will appear under ‘Saved surveys’.

What will we ask you?

The questionnaire asks you about the quality of your training post. At the start of the survey, we ask a few questions about who you are, so that we can see the demographics of people who are training to be doctors in the UK. There are also sections where you can raise concerns about patient safety and bullying and undermining.

You can find the questionnaire on the NTS documents page (Generic and demographic final questionnaire).