During the survey

Reviewing and approving data change requests in GMC Connect

Deaneries and HEE local offices are responsible for ensuring your trainees' training information is accurate.

We don't need to approve your decisions - the decision goes immediately back to the doctor.

Data change requests from trainees will fall into two categories, depending on which data variables they have requested to change.

  • Priority 1 (changes to deanery/HEE local office, 1st Programme and training level) - change requests that must be resolved before the trainee can continue with the survey, as they affect the questions that will be presented to the doctor.
  • Priority 2 (all other values) - change requests that must be resolved before the survey closes, but do not prevent the trainee from continuing with the survey.

Trainers' data changes are also managed through GMC Connect and they can all be treated as priority 2.

Excluding trainees

Deaneries and HEE local offices can exclude records at any time - not just in response to a trainee request. But you must give a valid exclusion reason.

Doctors who are shielding are encouraged to complete the survey if they have continued to work and train. If they have however not worked in any capacity whilst shielding and feel that completing the survey would not be feasible, we recommend that those doctors are exempt from completing the survey this year.

Adding trainees and trainers who were not in your original data submission

Additional trainees or trainers can be uploaded using GMC Connect. Deaneries and HEE local offices need to check new records in the data validation tool we have provided to make sure they will upload.

Managing survey comments

We will confirm the process for managing the 2021 comments when we launch the surveys.

Find more information on managing survey comments in briefing note 4 on our NTS documents page.

Please note there are no free text questions for trainers.