Before the survey

Submitting data

Each year, we require each deanery and Health Education England (HEE) local office to provide us with a list of your doctors in training and trainers.

Find more information on our data requirements in briefing note 2 on our National training surveys (NTS) documents page.

Promoting the surveys

Before the survey starts, we contact you to find out what posters you would like to promote the surveys and send these out to you in advance. You can also download promotional materials from our NTS documents page

Managing invites and reminders

We send invites and reminders according to a schedule we share with deaneries/HEE local offices. You can send your own reminders to the email addresses you hold.

Please remember that it's not necessary for a respondent to receive an invitation to complete the survey. They do not need an access code. They simply need to log in to their GMC Online account.

If you want to discuss your deanery or HEE local office's invite and reminder schedule, please email our Surveys team.