Monitoring - local education providers

We receive regular reports from medical schools, deaneries and local offices, and royal colleges and faculties about the medical education and training that they provide and manage.

We ask these organisations to tell us about:

  • anything which is of concern to them and
  • anything which they think is particularly good or effective.

We analyse this information and provide feedback to the organisations on how well we think they are meeting our standards for education and training.

When we intervene

If we are concerned about something we ask the organisation for more information to assure us that any issues are being dealt with appropriately.

If we're not satisfied with the response of the organisation we can intervene. We call this intervention enhanced monitoring.

Good practice

If we are impressed with something and we think that other organisations would benefit from hearing about it we may develop a case study to share the practice. 

View the good practice case studies we've published.