Quality activities

Quality activities are carried out where we would like to further explore areas of innovation, excellence or risk. They can take the shape of attending virtual or in person meetings, observing activities that organisations manage, or undergoing a document review. We triangulate findings from quality activities with our data and intelligence to make sure our standards are being met.

Quality activities for the quality assurance cycle will usually be agreed in the self-assessment questionnaire feedback meeting, with between one and four quality activities being arranged per organisation per year.

We're interested in the different ways organisations work and we may ask to observe something because we've never seen it before. Or because no other organisation does it that way. Where required, we can carry out visits, run bespoke surveys or other activities.

We always aim to be proportionate and create the least possible burden for organisations we quality assure and the service. However, where we have concerns, these will always be our priority. There may also be UK-wide themes that we're interested in exploring further.

Copies of the template forms are available in forms and guidance.