How Health Education North East England uses the national training survey to support trainers

Each year, Health Education England North East (HEE NE) reviews the results of the national training survey to identify how they can better support trainers across the region. This is part of its ongoing work to make sure that training continues to meet our standards for medical education and training.

Since 2018 HEE NE has proactively implemented a number of initiatives to improve training and support for trainers. These changes were informed by the national training survey results and include:

  • providing professional development courses that help trainers to tailor their support to trainees
  • conducting a course for new supervisors that so they can better support underperforming trainees
  • increasing the number of trainers by encouraging Specialty and Associate Specialists (SAS) doctors to take on supervision roles
  • hosting annual conferences and meetings that focus on issues impacting training, providing trainers with the opportunity to network and share learning.

The national training survey is also used by the region to monitor whether trainers have sufficient time in their job plans to train and supervise. The national availability of the data and inclusion of outliers helps HEE NE to assess which trusts require further support, so they can work collaboratively to make improvements.

As a result of HEE NE’s ongoing work, trainees and trainers have rated the region highly in the national training survey, with clinical and educational supervision performing especially well since 2015.