Criteria for trainer recognition

  1. Criteria for trainer recognition
  2. How we update the register

We use the Academy of Medical Educators' Professional standards for medical, dental and veterinary educators (2014) as the criteria against which all trainers in recognised roles must provide evidence of their ongoing professional development. Although these standards have since been updated, we still use the 2014 edition for approval and recognition of trainers.

The criteria comprise seven areas:

  • Ensuring safe and effective patient care through training
  • Establishing and maintaining an environment for learning
  • Teaching and facilitating learning
  • Enhancing learning through assessment
  • Supporting and monitoring educational progress
  • Guiding personal and professional development
  • Continuing professional development as an educator.

Local education providers, such as hospitals and general practices, give evidence against the seven areas to show how they identify, train and appraise trainers in each of the four medical trainer roles. Education organisers use that information to show us what local arrangements are in place to meet our standards. We use this information to recognise trainers.