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Results now live - 2016 national training surveys

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14 Jul 2016

Today we have published results from the 2016 survey of doctors in training and the new survey of trainers.

Over 53,000 doctors in training and 23,000 trainers took part, helping us to gather vital information about the quality of education and training across the UK. We expect organisations involved in medical education and training to use this information to identify and promptly address any issues at a local level.

What do trainers think about the quality of training?

Over half (53%) of postgraduate educational and clinical supervisors took part in the new survey of trainers, sharing their views about the quality of education, protection of training resources and support they receive in their training role. These results will be a valuable addition to the evidence provided by doctors in training - giving us an even more detailed picture of training environments.

Initial UK findings show that the following percentages of trainers agree or strongly agree with the statements below.

  • 92.8% say overall they enjoy their role as an educator (1.3% disagree or strongly disagree).
  • 91.8% say that, in general, the working environment in their department is a supportive one (3.0% disagree or strongly disagree); this is only slightly higher than doctors in training who answered the same question (89.0% agree or strongly agree).
  • 47.4% are always able to use the time allocated to them in their role as an educator specifically for that purpose (36.4% disagree or strongly disagree).
  • 55.8% are confident that their deanery or local education board work collaboratively with their board or trust to make sure the educational needs of doctors in training are balanced with service commitments (10.8% disagree or strongly disagree).
  • 68.9% say that within their trust or board there are enough staff to make sure patients are always treated by someone with an appropriate level of clinical experience (13.6% disagree or strongly disagree).

Explore the results from both surveys on our online reporting tool.

You can view the results by country, training organisation, employer, site, or specialty. For the survey of doctors in training, you can also see results over a three-year period to help identify trends or issues.

What happens next?

We are now analysing the results of both surveys to identify good practice and where local improvements may be needed. We are also investigating concerns raised as part of the survey with the relevant local training organisations.

Later this year we will report on the analysis, including the supportiveness of the local training environment, how well supervised doctors in training feel, and the views of trainers from across the UK.

If you have any questions about this year's results, or you want to get involved in the survey work, please email