Publications, reports and research on CPD

Lord Patel's Report on Education and Training

In Lord Patel's report Recommendations and Options for the Future Regulation of Education and Training (pdf) he recommended that we should update our 2004 CPD guidance and re-examine how its regulatory role in CPD should be exercised.

Effectiveness of CPD

The Effectiveness of CPD Final Report (pdf) explores how new consultants to senior consultants understand their own learning, or the learning of other doctors within their organisations, and how this learning relates to concepts of CPD, its provision and its uptake.

CPD – the international perspective

The report on CPD – the international perspective provides a description of CPD programmes and requirements for doctors worldwide. It looks at CPD systems in a range of countries, from Japan and Kenya, to Ireland and Canada.

Our review and consultation on CPD

During 2010 – 2012 we undertook a review of our regulatory role in CPD. Read about the review:

CPD research

We commissioned research to look into the impact of CPD on doctors’ performance and patient/service outcomes. The final report explores barriers to effective uptake and implementation, as well as how these might be overcome.