My CPD app

Log your learning on the go with our free app - My CPD

Opportunities for learning happen every day, but we don’t always have time to note them down, never mind reflect on them.

As long as you have your phone or tablet close by, you’ll be able to quickly and easily note points of learning and reflections when they happen.

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What can I do with My CPD?

  • Record your learning in a way that suits you. No matter how you group your learning the app allows you to record as many activities as you need to.
  • Manage your CPD at any time. You can assign CPD credits to activities and track how many you’ve recorded during your appraisal year.
  • Reflect on your practice and the impact of new learning. You can note any changes you plan to make to your practice. The app will prompt you at a future date to consider the effects of the change.
  • Share your learning. My CPD enables you to export any or all your learning activities in the form or a PDF or Excel report. You can use this to share your activities and reflections with colleagues.
  • Transfer your activities to another system. You can move your activities to another CPD, appraisal or revalidation system if you record your learning with your royal college.
  • No more filing lots of certificates from conferences and seminars. Take a picture with your device and append them to your chosen learning activity on the app.
  • Take advantage of tips and new learning. You can also refer to hot topics, tips and case studies to help you plan and reflect on your CPD and prepare for your next appraisal.

Reviews from doctors

“A portable, timesaving framework for capturing CPD, structured around the headers of Good medical practice.”

“Easy to use, all your CPD activities can be retrieved at any time. I am sure it will help me on next appraisal.”

“A handy, slick appraisal tool for doctors on the move - anywhere, anytime, anything."

"Excellent design, user-friendly, time saving, helps to ensure that time spent learning gets recorded and easily available to help summarise CPD when it comes to pulling documentation together for the annual appraisal."

“I like the convenience of having on phone, rather than having to record notes on paper or sign on to the appraisal site.”

“The app allowed me to log learning while working on the shop floor in the Emergency Dept. There is an opportunity to quickly input a reflection on the events there and then rather than trying to find time at some other point. It was quick and practical, easy to access and use.”

“I like the fact it lets you continuously update your CPD as you go on your portable media. It’s easy to then export into your appraisal software, saving a lot of preparation time.”