Recognition and approval of GP trainers

We approve GPs who provide training for GP registrars.

To do this, we ask local education and training boards (LETBs) and deaneries to provide information on GP trainers who need to be approved, re-approved or withdrawn.

We publish the list of approved GP trainers on this website. 

View the list of GP trainers

To view a summary of approved GP trainers by LETB or Deanery please see current list of approved GP trainers by LETB or Deanery (pdf).

To view all approved GP trainers, or to search for an individual GP trainer by name, LETB or deanery, programme or approval date please see current list of approved GP trainers (excel).

We update the list and the summary document on a weekly basis.


Why do we publish the list?

We feel it’s important to publish this information because it raises the profile of these doctors and emphasises the importance of good training.

It is also our statutory duty to publish this information, as outlined in the Medical Act 1983 section 34I.

Updating GP trainer records

LETBs and deaneries update their GP trainer data with us through the web portal GMC Connect on an on-going basis; they will now be able to upload bulk approval requests through a new form within the web portal.

If there are no approvals to submit for approval for a particular quarter then LETBs and deaneries email to let us know.

We advise LETBs and deaneries to continue their usual quality management processes and re-selection of GP trainers to ensure the standards are maintained. We will monitor this via our Quality Improvement Framework.

Frequently asked questions about the list of GP trainers

Are you planning to do this for all specialties?

Yes. We are working towards approving all trainers and publishing their details in the future, but at the moment we have the legal powers to approve only GP trainers. Read more about our recognition and approval of trainers project.

I don’t want my information to be shared, do I have a choice?

Unfortunately not. As explained on the Approval of GP trainers page, we have a statutory duty to publish the list; there isn’t an option for GP trainers to opt out.

If you publish incorrect information about me, how do I get it changed?

Please send the corrections to your LETB or deanery – they will update their records and tell us about the changes. Once we receive the changes, we will promptly make the updates.

I've been a GP trainer for several years, why is this not shown in the approval dates?

The approval dates show the current period of approval, rather than the total time that someone has been a trainer.

I have not previously been contacted about my information being published on the website – who was told about this?

In March 2014, we asked all LETBs and deaneries to email their approved GP trainers to explain that we would be publishing their details on our website.

We then sent the information we planned to publish to every approved GP trainer and asked them to check it was correct. We didn't contact GP trainers whose approval had expired or had not yet been granted.

Who should I contact with comments or questions?

First contact your LETB or deanery. If they can’t answer your question, we should be able to help – please email, marked for the attention of the Approvals team: GP trainers.

What do I do if I am a doctor in training and I can’t see my trainer on the list?

If you are a doctor in training who is searching for your trainer and cannot see them listed, please first contact your LETB or deanery who will pass any queries on to us.

What do I do if I can’t find my GP on the list?

There are approximately 60,760 licensed GPs in the UK and only 10.7% of them are approved GP trainers. If you cannot find your GP on the list, this suggests they are not an approved GP trainer.