An annual forum where doctors in training can showcase local initiatives

This page is aimed at people who work in medical education and training. It gives information about an annual forum to promote the sharing of ideas and projects among doctors in training at the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

Why was the annual forum developed?

Doctors in training frequently deliver teaching in many formats during their clinical years. They often develop and deliver teaching projects that are innovative and exciting, but these projects are potentially overlooked.

The aim of the annual forum is to make sure that innovative, short-lived teaching projects are recognised and outcomes from these teaching projects are captured to avoid them being replicated multiple times by future cohorts.

What is the annual forum?

The trust support a group of doctors in training to establish the annual Medical Education Forum for doctors in foundation, core and higher specialty training to showcase their ideas or completed projects. They gain vital feedback from experts in order to develop sustainable projects and meet peers interested in teaching.

A wide range of attendees from many specialties and healthcare disciplines attend the event. Keynote speakers on postgraduate qualifications and clinical teaching fellow posts punctuate the evening and an innovation award is presented.

Doctors in training are invited to submit abstracts on educational projects they have already undertaken or ideas they want to develop. An independent assessor reviews the submitted abstracts and selects four to be presented at the event.

A panel of experts in medical education attend. They give constructive criticism, suggest routes to further develop projects and names of local contacts who can help and mentor the doctors in training.

Detailed information

Positive impacts of the forum

Online anonymous feedback about the forum was consistently positive. As a result of the Medical Education Forum, doctors in training get practical and useful advice for developing sustainable teaching projects.

For example, a doctor in training who presented an idea to start a foundation year 1 preparation course learnt that a local project was already running and has since become involved in it. Another doctor in training who wanted to address the understanding of medicine and anatomy through art was put in touch with a dermatologist with a similar interest who was starting a specially selected module at the university.

What next for the forum?

There are plans to expand the forum and doctors in training from all hospitals across the region can get involved. The trust will also consider whether it should invite all other healthcare professionals to submit work. Some funding is needed to host the event, but this is not prohibitive.

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