Theme 4: Supporting educators


This theme is about making sure that educators have the necessary knowledge and skills for their role, and get the support and resources they need to deliver effective education and training.


Postgraduate deaneries, LETBs, and medical schools make sure that educators have the necessary knowledge and skills, support and resources they need for their role. Postgraduate deans and medical schools – as education organisers1 – have to meet GMC requirements for formally recognising and approving medical trainers in four specific roles.2

LEPs provide support and resources for educators. LEPs must work with postgraduate deaneries, LETBs and medical schools in recognising and rewarding trainers.

Educators are responsible for engaging positively with training, support and appraisal relating to their role, and are accountable for the resources they receive to support education and training. They must act in line with professional guidance for all doctors – they must be positive role models demonstrating good medical practice. They are expected to maintain and continue to develop knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis through continuing professional development. Educators are involved in and contribute to the learning environment and culture.

Medical trainers in the four specific roles are responsible for complying with the arrangements set out by medical schools and postgraduate deans to meet GMC requirements for recognising and approving trainers.


S4.1 Educators are selected, inducted, trained and appraised to reflect their education and training responsibilities.

S4.2 Educators receive the support, resources and time to meet their education and training responsibilities.


R4.1 Educators must be selected against suitable criteria and receive an appropriate induction to their role, access to appropriately funded professional development and training for their role, and an appraisal against their educational responsibilities.

R4.2 Trainers must have enough time in job plans to meet their educational responsibilities so that they can carry out their role in a way that promotes safe and effective care and a positive learning experience.

R4.3 Educators must have access to appropriately funded resources they need to meet the requirements of the training programme or curriculum.

R4.4 Organisations must support educators by dealing effectively with concerns or difficulties they face as part of their educational responsibilities.

R4.5 Organisations must support educators to liaise with each other to make sure they have a consistent approach to education and training, both locally and across specialties and professions.

R4.6 Trainers in the four specific roles must be developed and supported, as set out in GMC requirements for recognising and approving trainers.


1 Education organisers are the bodies responsible for recognising trainers.

2 The four roles are: those who oversee medical students’ progress at each medical school; lead coordinators for undergraduate education at each LEP; and named educational supervisors and named clinical supervisors for postgraduate training. The four roles will be fully recognised by 31 July 2016.