Enhanced monitoring

When medical schools, deaneries and local education and training boards are concerned about the training of medical students or doctors, they need to work with trusts and health boards to make improvements.

If the situation doesn’t improve, they tell us. We then work with all the organisations involved to improve the quality of training through what we refer to as our enhanced monitoring process.

Issues that require enhanced monitoring are those that we believe could adversely affect patient safety, doctors’ progress in training, or the quality of the training environment.

Find out about issues that require enhanced monitoring

View a list of issues by region or country on our enhanced monitoring database.

View a list of issues on a spreadsheet (Excel)

Or view this list of issues by specialty on our enhanced monitoring database.

For each issue, we have summarised:

  • the nature of the issue
  • what action has been taken locally and by the GMC
  • how we are monitoring progress
  • what the status of the issue is now.

These reporting tools are best viewed in Firefox or Safari.

To find out how to drill down to find more about each issue, see our user guide (pdf).

We started publishing this database of issues requiring enhanced monitoring in March 2014. We have been publishing this information in a different format since 2010, but this dedicated part of our website makes the information more available.

We update this information every three months. The last update was in January 2018, and the next scheduled update will be in April 2018.

What enhanced monitoring issues do we publish?

We only publish information about issues that have been verified. This means we have been in touch with the medical school, deanery or local education and training board to discuss the issues and they have confirmed that there are plans in place to address the problems.

We will not publish an issue that requires enhanced monitoring when the information risks identifying any individuals (eg a trainer or a doctor in training), or when it relates to information that is not yet in the public domain (eg plans to reconfigure services).

Once an issue is closed and no longer subject to enhanced monitoring then we will move it to a separate report (pdf)

Why do we publish issues that require enhanced monitoring?

We believe that transparency drives improvement. By publishing this information, we are making an important contribution to developing a culture in which information sharing and openness around quality improvement is the norm.

This information gives healthcare organisations the opportunity to learn from one another, and it encourages deaneries and local education and training boards to actively improve training environments. This is because they are publicly accountable for ensuring that trusts and health boards provide safe, high quality medical training.

In addition, patients, medical students, doctors in training, other healthcare professionals, commissioners and the wider public are entitled to know where we have identified issues that affect them and what steps are being taken in response. Publishing this information gives the public some assurance that local education providers are meeting our standards.

If you cannot access our enhanced monitoring database

If you have problems accessing the enhanced monitoring database, we would be happy to provide the data in another format.

To make the necessary arrangements, please call our contact centre on 0161 923 6602.

Further information

For further information, contact quality@gmc-uk.org.