Progression of doctors in training

As part of our quality assurance activity we collect and report on the progression of doctors through key stages in their training such as specialty examinations, annual review of competence progression and their application and entry into further training. We report this by training organisation and by doctors personal characteristics.

We also look at how prepared first year foundation doctors feel to enter training and the specialties in which they ultimately complete their CCT.

Reports are published on our website to enable organisations working to deliver and quality assure medical education and training across the UK, to identify and investigate trends or variations as part of their quality management work.


November 2017

We’ve published a new report exploring how doctors move in and out of training - Training pathways: analysis of the transition from the foundation programme to the next stage of training.

July 2017

Our progression reports have been updated to include exam, ARCP and recruitment outcomes from 2015/2016 academic year. We have launched the reports alongside this year's national training survey.

May 2017

We've published the second phase of research commissioned from the Research Department of Medical Education (RDME) at University College London (UCL), called Fair Training Pathways for all: Understanding experiences of progression.

Please follow this link for more information and to read the report.

Reporting by postgraduate bodies and demographic characteristics

To investigate the progression of doctors by the bodies responsible for managing their training, as well as personal characteristics.

Reporting by medical schools

To investigate the progression of doctors through postgraduate training based on their medical school.

Progression report documents

Read briefing notes and contextual reports in our documents page.