Emergency medicine checks

This page provides information about risk based spot checks we conducted following concerns about training in emergency medicine departments.

Between December 2012 and February 2013 we completed checks to seven local education providers (LEPs) in England and Jersey to review the delivery of training in emergency medicine.

Our checks were prompted by the increasing number of concerns reported to us about the education and training in emergency medicine, particularly about very junior doctors in training working unsupervised at night.

As part of the review, individual site reports were written which detail local findings and good practice at the LEPs we visited. They also explain the requirements and recommendation we set for each site.

A summary report was also written to draw together key themes from the small sample of checks we conducted – ‘Medical Education’s Frontline: a review of training in seven emergency medicine departments’.

The review identified a number of ways in which those involved in training in emergency medicine may be able to improve the quality of training and therefore provide safer care for patients.

View the reports of the emergency medicine checks.