Regional and national reviews

What is a regional / national review?

A regional review involves visiting

  • the medical school or schools;
  • the organisations responsible for postgraduate training and
  • some NHS trusts or boards which are responsible for delivering training in a region.

We conduct regional reviews in England and national reviews in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The aim of a regional review

The aim of a regional review is to identify the key challenges for medical education and training across the region as a whole.

We do this by assessing the quality of training according to the standards set out in our standards for undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and training.

The review is risk based, which means that the visits to each organisation will focus on identifying and managing areas of risk. Regional reviews also look to identify and share good practice.

Several factors were considered when creating the regional and national visit schedule including:

  • previous visit findings;
  • the time since the school or schools and the deanery or local education and training board were last visited; and
  • concerns about the quality of training identified through our responses to concerns process and surveys.

Further information

The regional and national review process in detail

Please see our detailed description of the regional and national review process (pdf).


2014-2018 regional and national visit schedule

In 2017 we are reviewing the quality of medical education and training across two nations:

  • Northern Ireland and
  • Scotland.

Please see our schedule of regional and national visits for 2014-2018 (pdf).


Regional and national visit reports

See our regional and national visit reports.