Health and disability in education and training

We are currently reviewing our resources to help disabled students and doctors as well as medical education providers.

The journey through medical education and training systems is not always an easy one and it can be even harder if you have a disability.

We are looking at how disabled students and doctors are supported throughout medical education to improve access to the profession. We want to help education providers by giving more practical advice. We also want to make sure learners know what support is available to them, and they are able to receive it in the best form.

As part of this work, we are revising our key piece of guidance in this area, Gateways to the professions. We will consult on it in 2018. Read more about our review of health and disability.

Health and disability resources

Outcomes from our 2012-13 health and disability review included new resources both for students/trainees and for medical education providers to give support to their students and doctors in training.

Supporting medical students with mental health conditions

Experiences shared – personal stories

These are short films and written accounts from students, doctors in training and practitioners who’ve dealt with health and disability issues during their medical career.

Gateways guidance

Our advisory guidance Gateways to the professions gives provides practical suggestions to:

  • medical schools and other education providers to help them understand their responsibilities to disabled students and doctors in training
  • disabled people thinking of applying to medical school
  • disabled students and doctors in training so they do not face unnecessary barriers to successful medical careers.

Links to disability organisations

We give useful links to disability-related organisations.