How revalidation works

This page provides a step by step guide to how the revalidation process works for licensed doctors and the organisations that support them.

  • Doctors have a connection to one organisation that will provide them with a regular appraisal and help them with revalidation. This organisation is called their designated body.
  • Doctors need to have a regular appraisal based on our core guidance for the medical profession, Good medical practice. Our appraisal framework tells doctors, plus their appraisers and responsible officers, the professional values they need to show they are meeting in their everyday practice. Doctors in training will be assessed through the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) process they go through instead. Find out more information about how trainees will revalidate.
  • Doctors need to maintain a portfolio of supporting information drawn from their practice which demonstrates how they are continuing to meet the principles and values set out in Good medical practice. Doctors will need to collect some of this information themselves while the rest will need to come from the organisation that is supporting them with revalidation. Our supporting information guidance tells doctors the six types of information they need to collect, including Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and feedback from patients.
  • A person called a ‘responsible officer’ makes a recommendation to us, usually every five years, that the doctor is up to date and fit to practise, and should be revalidated. The responsible officer will usually be the medical director of the doctor’s designated body. They will make their recommendation based on the doctor’s appraisals over the last five years and other information drawn from their organisation’s clinical governance systems.
  • We will receive a recommendation about a doctor from their responsible officer and we will carry out a series of checks to ensure there are no other concerns about that doctor. If there aren’t any such concerns, we will revalidate the doctor. This will mean that the doctor can continue to hold their licence to practise.