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Incorrect submissions and concerns about recommendations

This page is in Section 2: Making a revalidation recommendation –part of the GMC’s guide for Responsible Officers and Suitable Persons on making a revalidation recommendation

2.2.4 If you make an incorrect submission

It is important that your recommendations about doctor's revalidation are accurate and reliable.

It is possible there may be a situation where you need to inform us that your recommendation was incorrect. This may be due, for example, to local administrative error, or you identify new information you were unable to consider at the time your recommendation was submitted.

You cannot withdraw a recommendation once it has been submitted to us after our decision has been made. The GMC does not have powers to correct wrong decisions based on incorrect recommendations. But we are able to consider bringing forward a doctor's submission date to allow you to make a new recommendation.

You should contact us as soon as you become aware that an incorrect recommendation has been submitted, and we will discuss next steps with you. You should also discuss this with the doctor.

2.2.5 If we are concerned about the reliability of your recommendations

From time to time we may receive information that raises concerns about the systems and processes used to make recommendations about a doctor's revalidation and the reliability of recommendations that we receive.

You can find further information about what we do when we receive this type of information in our separate guidance about how we manage and respond to information about revalidation.