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GMC Connect for revalidation

This page is for responsible officers. It provides information about GMC Connect and how it will be used to manage lists and make revalidation recommendations about doctors.

GMC Connect is an area of our website that allows us to transfer and share data and information securely. We have developed it to support responsible officers.

GMC Connect allows responsible officers to:

  • manage their responsible officer details
  • view and manage the list of doctors who have a prescribed connection to their designated body
  • submit revalidation recommendations when they are due
  • access revalidation guidance and forms
  • subscribe to emails that notify them when there are changes in their designated body’s list of doctors.

Download our presentation (pdf) for an overview of what GMC Connect can do.

Using GMC Connect

We have developed a user guide to help responsible officers use GMC Connect. This explains how they can:

  • set up an account with GMC Connect
  • request access for additional users
  • add or remove doctors from their designated body’s list
  • make a recommendation.

Accessing GMC Connect

To access GMC Connect, responsible officers need to complete an online request form. Please see our user guide for more information.

Once we have approved your request, we will confirm your username and issue you with a password that you can use to log in to GMC Connect. If you are a responsible officer for more than one designated body, you will need a GMC Connect account for each organisation.

Responsible officers can request access to GMC Connect for one or more additional users. Please see our user guide for more information.