Information for responsible officers and employers

This page provides information for responsible officers and employers about revalidation.

Revalidation will help to assure you, as an employer, that the doctors practising in your organisation are up to date and fit to practise.

Your organisation needs to have robust systems of appraisal and clinical governance to support your doctors with their revalidation. Your organisation’s responsible officer has a statutory duty to make sure they are in place.

Revalidation will complement other systems that should already exist within your organisation for achieving high quality care, as well as those that recognise and respond to concerns about doctors’ practice.

Responsible Officers have an important, wider role in medical regulation, helping to make sure a doctor who has restrictions on their practice is appropriately and safely managed. See our guidance for Responsible Officers in supporting doctors with restrictions on their practice.

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Getting ready
Information to help your organisation support your licensed doctors with revalidation from December 2012 onwards.

Managing appraisals
The regular appraisals that you give your doctors must be based on our core guidance for doctors, Good medical practice.

Managing your prescribed connections with doctors
Regulations covering the four countries of the UK have created connections between doctors and ‘designated bodies’. We want to know every licensed doctor’s designated body before revalidation begins.

Making recommendations
We will revalidate doctors based on recommendations from their responsible officers. This section has information about the three types of recommendation that a responsible officer can make, and how they will make them.

How revalidation will work
This section will help you understand how appraisal and revalidation will work together.

Managing and responding to information about revalidation
Our guidance sets out what we will do when we receive information that may call into question the reliability of revalidation recommendations.

Help and guidance
Additional information to help you understand revalidation, including FAQs and our contact details.