Information for licensed doctors

This information page for licensed doctors provides links to the different pages about what they need to do for revalidation.

Revalidation started on 3 December 2012. We expect to revalidate the majority of licensed doctors by March 2016.

If you hold a licence to practise, you are legally required to revalidate, usually every five years, by having a regular appraisal based on our core guidance for doctors, Good medical practice.

If you successfully revalidate, this means you can continue to hold a licence to practise.

Revalidation aims to give your patients greater confidence that you are up to date in the area of medicine in which you practise. It will also support you in maintaining and developing your practice throughout your career in medicine, by ensuring that you have the opportunity to regularly reflect on how you can change and improve your practice.

Show me information about

Getting ready
Information about what you should be doing to prepare for your first revalidation, including making sure you are having a regular appraisal.

My appraisal
Information about the link between appraisal and revalidation, and the supporting information you need to collect about your practice.

My designated body
Most doctors have a connection to an organisation - a ‘designated body’ - that will support them with appraisal and revalidation. Find your designated body and what you should do if you do not have one.

My revalidation
Information to help you understand how we will revalidate you based on a recommendation that we receive from your responsible officer.

Help and guidance
Links to our guidance for doctors and information about who you can contact if you need advice or help.