Changes to the List of Registered Medical Practitioners

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04 Dec 2015

From late January 2016, we will be making some small changes to the List of Registered Medical Practitioners (LRMP) to reflect our changing responsibilities.

It will show:

  • which doctors are in approved training programmes, which programme specialty they are in and their deanery or local education and training board (LETB)
  • for doctors with a licence to practise, the name of their Responsible Officer and designated body (or Suitable Person if they have one)
  • which doctors are recognised as GP trainers.

Over the past couple of months, we have been engaging with Responsible Officers and groups of doctors in training to make sure we get the presentation of this information right and address any concerns.

We are making the changes following independent research which explored options for making the LRMP more useful and accessible. The research suggested there is a public interest in developing the LRMP to add more information about a doctor’s practice.

If you are a doctor, we encourage you to check your GMC Online accounts for any inaccuracies in the information detailed about you, for example if you’ve changed employer and therefore have a different designated body or Suitable Person to the one listed. You can change your designated body using your GMC Online account, there’s no need to contact us.

Longer term development of the register

Beyond these changes, we continue our review of the LRMP. The work we have undertaken so far suggests there is a consensus for adding information, although there are mixed views about what this information should be.

We will be engaging with doctors and all of our key interest groups next year to discuss options for more radical reform.

View some examples of what this information will look like.

View a Q&A about the changes.