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Applying for registration with a licence to practise – UK medical graduates who have completed Foundation Programme year 1

This guidance provides application information for doctors from medical schools in the UK who have completed Foundation Programme year 1.

You have three months to submit your application from when you start it online. If you have not submitted your application after three months you will have to start a new one. Instructions on setting up your online account are given at the end of this guidance.

Your next steps

  • Read this guidance (8 pages)
  • Log in to GMC Online, complete your application and pay your fee

There is more information about these steps on the following pages of this guidance.

Important notice

If you have already started work at F2 but only hold provisional registration, then you must stop work immediately and contact us (opens new window) to let us know. Provisional registration is awarded for the purposes of completing 'an acceptable programme for provisionally registered doctors' (F1). You will be asked to make an application for full registration and we must complete an investigation before we are able to consider your application for registration with a licence to practise and you may be referred to our Fitness to Practise Directorate.

Doctors must hold the correct registration with a licence to practise in order to practise and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are. If you do not have the necessary status on the Register you will not be able to exercise in the UK any of the privileges that current legislation restricts to registered and licensed medical practitioners.