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When you apply for registration with a licence, you will need to give us details of a number of important documents to complete the three stages of the application process.

    Stage 1 - Recognising your qualification

    Stage 2 - Your licence to practise

    Stage 3 - Completing the registration process

Stage 1: Recognising your qualification

When we have your application, we will look at it then ask you to send us photocopies of some evidence documents by post

Please wait until we ask for these before you send them, we will only ask you to send photocopies.

Stage 2: Your licence to practise

We need to be satisfied you have the necessary knowledge of English to communicate effectively before we give you a licence. This is so you do not put the safety of your patients at risk. Communicating includes speaking, reading, writing and listening.

We may ask you to give us evidence that you have the necessary knowledge of English.

If we ask you for this evidence, and:

  • you do not send it to us


  • we are not satisfied with it

We will approve you for registration without a licence. You will not be able to practise medicine in the UK without a licence.

If you give us your evidence before we complete the registration process at your ID check, and it meets our requirements, we will grant you both registration and a licence.


You can make a separate application for a licence to practise after your registration is granted at the ID check. You will still need to give us evidence of your knowledge of English if we have asked you for it before.

Stage 3: Completing the registration process

You will need to bring the original versions of all your documents we have assessed to this point, including any English translations, to your identity check. We will send you an identity check invitation and tell you all the original documents we need to see.

If we grant you registration without a licence, we will refund you the licence part of your application fee.

Official translations

You must submit a complete and accurate translation of every document you provide that is not in English, along with the document in its original language.

Read more guidance on translations (opens in a new window)

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