EEA evidence of qualifications

This section is for nationals from countries in the European Economic Area, Switzerland and nationals from all other countries with EC rights, who graduated from a medical school in an EEA country (other than the UK) or Switzerland.

It provides information about which countries are part of the EEA and links to the evidence of qualifications you will need to provide when you submit your application for registration with a licence to practise.

We will need your primary medical qualification and, if appropriate, your licence to practise.

The other qualification evidence you must send us will depend upon

  • which type of registration with a licence to practise you are applying for
  • which country you qualified in.

This section will also tell you what types of registration with a licence to practise you can apply for. If you have undertaken an internship in your own country you will not be eligible to apply for provisional registration with a licence to practise in the UK.

Which EEA country did you qualify in?

Please click on the country where you achieved your primary medical qualification: