What is expected of a doctor in the UK?

We set the standards that all doctors in the UK are expected to meet and publish them in our core guidance Good medical practice.

Welcome to UK Practice film

Watch the short film to help you understand:

  • the role that the GMC has for doctors who have successfully gained registration in the UK
  • the importance of following our guidance.

The film features a number of established doctors sharing their experiences of putting the important principles of Good medical practice into action.

Online scenario based tool

To find out more about how GMC guidance applies to UK medical practice, and check your understanding of this, try our online self-assessment tool. The interactive tool is anonymous and includes clinical scenarios, questions and feedback based on the principles and values within Good medical practice.

Other resources

To find the full range of our guidance and access our learning tools such case studies and interactive flow charts, take a look at our guidance pages.

Links to other resources which may help you to prepare for the PLAB test are listed on the PLAB resources page.