Registration and Revalidation Service promise

Our service

We want to give you the best possible service. We’ll always:

  • Be polite and professional, and treat you with respect
  • Be fair, open and transparent
  • Listen to what you tell us, and learn from it
  • Be responsive to your needs and wishes, be flexible where we can, and take your interests into account
  • Keep our processes as quick, simple and effective as possible
  • Try to bring the GMC’s organisational values to life in everything we do

If you think that any part of our service to you hasn’t met those standards, please let us know. We welcome feedback of all kinds. It helps us to improve the way we work; and, where things have gone wrong, we want to put them right.

If you want to make a complaint about one of our Registration and Revalidation services - or if you just want to let us have feedback, whether positive or negative - you can:

  • make a complaint or give your feedback to any member of staff. If they can’t address the issues themselves, they’ll pass the details to our Registration and Revalidation Complaints Team, who will make sure that you get a full answer, from the right person


  • contact the Registration and Revalidation Complaints Team direct. You can do this by email or you can write to the team at the GMC’s Manchester offices. There’s no form to complete – all you need to do is explain what the issue is, say a little about what the background was, and tell us what you’re asking us to do to resolve your concerns


You can also contact us if you have a question, need to access one of our services but aren’t sure how, or if you’d like advice about anything to do with registration or revalidation. Examples of things we can help with include:

There’s also a host of information about those and other GMC services on our website – just click on one of the links above, or in the sidebars to the left or right; or try the search box in the top left hand corner of every page; or take a look at our site map.

What we expect from those using our services

We expect everyone who contacts us to be polite and courteous, and to understand that we are doing our best to help. If enquirers are persistently rude, threatening or abusive, make offensive or discriminatory remarks, or threaten or use violence, we may withdraw or restrict our service. Violence against our staff will be reported to the police.

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