Specialist and GP registration

This section gives information about applications to the Specialist and GP Registers.

In these sections you will find information on the different application types to the Specialist and GP Registers and how to apply for these.


There are several different application types for entry onto the Specialist Register and GP Register. This section contains background information and guidance on how to apply for:

  • A Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT)
  • A Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR)
  • A CESR through the Academic or Research application type (CESR A or R)
  • A Certificate of Eligibility for GP Registration (CEGPR)
  • A CESR or CEGPR through the combined programme application type (CESR (CP)) or (CEGPR (CP))
  • A CEGPR through the approved programme application type (CEGPR (AP))
  • Recognition of sub-specialty training
  • Automatic recognition of your specialist or GP qualification
  • Entry through the general system of assessment

See information on Specialist and GP applications.

Unsuccessful applicants

If you were unsuccessful in your application for entry onto the Specialist or GP Register through a CESR or CEGPR, please follow the link below for guidance on your options.

Information for unsuccessful CESR and CEGPR applicants.

Supporting evidence

This section contains information on the evidence you will need to submit in support of your CESR or CEGPR application. This includes information on:


If you have been asked to complete a structured report in support of a CESR or CEGPR application, you will find useful guidance in this section.

CESR and CEGPR applicants should also read this section for guidance on how to select referees.

Information for referees.

Guidance on selecting referees.

Out of programme

If you are currently completing specialty training, you may wish to undertake a post which isn’t part of your CCT training programme – this is known as going out of programme.

This section includes information about when and how to apply for out of programme approval.

Duplicate certificates, verifying certificates and confirmation of UK training

This section is for doctors who need a replacement Specialist or GP certificate, verification of their certificate or confirmation of their specialist or GP training.

Information on duplicates, verifications and confirmation of training.


Statistics and annual reports

We have put together statistics on:

  • The number of CCT applications we receive - by specialty
  • The number of CESR and CEGPR applications we receive – by specialty
  • The success rates of CESR and CEGPR applications

We also have the following annual reports:

Specialist and GP application statistics and annual reports.