Help for witnesses

The role of a witness at a hearing is crucial in giving a medical practitioners tribunal a first hand account of what has happened so that they can make a decision about a case.

We understand that the process can be intimidating, so we have developed this booklet to inform you of the support available to you before, during and after you have given evidence.  

This information can be made available in other formats and languages. We can also arrange an interpreter to be present if you are more comfortable communicating in another language. To request this, please speak to your GMC contact as soon as possible.  

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) manages all medical practitioners tribunals for the GMC at its hearing centre in Manchester.

Before attending the hearing

Information on the setting of the hearing date, special things to remember and additional help is available in our before attending the hearing section.

Attending the hearing

When to arrive, waiting to give evidence, who will be at the hearing and more are available on the attending the hearing section.

Giving evidence

What happens when you give evidence, and information about examination and cross examination are provided in the giving evidence section.

After giving evidence

Being released by the tribunal, the outcome of the hearing and more is covered in the After giving evidence section.

Useful information

For a glossary of the terms used in the process please see our Further information.