What concerns should you raise with us?

In many instances, we're not the best place to raise your concern. This is especially true when you're unhappy with the level of service you've received or when you disagree with the treatment you've been given. In these instances, you will usually get a better resolution by complaining to local services.

However, if you have serious concerns about a doctor, you should raise them with us. These concerns could include:

  • serious or repeated mistakes in patient care
  • failure to respond reasonably to patient needs (including referring for further investigations where necessary)
  • violence, sexual assault or indecency
  • fraud or dishonesty
  • a serious criminal offence
  • abuse of professional position, eg an improper sexual relationship with a patient
  • discrimination against patients, colleagues and others
  • serious breaches of patient confidentiality
  • serious concerns about knowledge of English.