What happens when you submit your concern?

Once you submit your concern we look at two things:

  1. Is it about a doctor? 
    • We can only investigate doctors
  2. Is the doctor fit to practise?
    • Our focus is on the most serious concerns that could put patients at risk or lose the public's confidence in the medical profession

If we think a doctor might not be fit to practise, then we will open an investigation. When we open an investigation we will tell you what we are investigating and who you can contact.

We also give you the opportunity to talk to us over the phone or in person so we can give you details about what happens during our investigations. At the end of the investigation we will meet with you again to explain the outcome and our decision.

If we decide not to investigate we will tell you why.

How long will it take?

We will get back to you within two weeks after you submit your concern.

If we need more information from you to decide whether to investigate, we’ll let you know. If not, we’ll give you our decision on whether we will investigate.

If we decide to investigate

We aim to complete all our investigations within 12 months. However, some of our investigations are more complicated and can take longer if we have to wait on others to give us information.

The outcome of our investigations can seriously affect a doctor's future so it's important we get the right information before deciding how to proceed.

We will update you at least once every 8 weeks during an investigation, unless you ask us not to.