How do we investigate?

How we investigate

If we decide to investigate your concern, we will need to share it with the doctor and their employers. We will talk to you first about how we do this. This allows us to find out whether the concern has already been dealt with by the employer or if there is anything else we need to know about.

What we look at

We can collect different types of evidence during an investigation, depending on the nature of the concerns raised. Some evidence takes a long time to gather, including:

  • further documentary evidence, eg medical records
  • witness statements (2 months)
  • expert reports (2 months)
  • an assessment of the doctor’s performance (6 months)
  • an assessment of the doctor’s health (3 months)
  • an assessment of the doctor’s knowledge of the English language (3 months).

We try to collect all our evidence at the same time to avoid delays, but sometimes this isn’t possible.