Managing your health condition

  1. Summary
  2. Managing your health condition

If you have, or suspect you are developing, a health condition it’s important you take the simple steps below to help keep control of it.

  • Make sure you're registered with a GP
  • Trust your GP to give you confidential help
  • Don't be reluctant to seek help early when you are unwell
  • Avoid 'corridor consultations' with colleagues. If you think you need to consult a doctor, then do so in privacy
  • Other than for minor ailments, avoid self-diagnosis and management. Treat yourself as you would expect a patient with the same condition to be treated, and have a confidential consultation with a trusted health professional
  • Pay attention to early warning signs of illness and take them seriously
  • If you are worried about your drinking or someone close to you has raised it with you, then the chances are you are drinking too much. Get help before your drinking gets out of control
  • Try to maintain a healthy work–life balance. If you develop problems it may help to try sharing them with friends, colleagues and family.