Managing your health

We know medicine can be a challenging and stressful profession.

While making care for your patient your priority, you should try not to neglect your own health.

Managing your own health condition safely

If you are managing your health condition, including getting the right medical treatment and where appropriate support to manage your practice safely, so that you still maintain a good level of care for your patients, then your fitness to practise will not be affected by your health and there's no need for us to get involved or even know about it. If you are managing a health condition, it’s important you take steps to make sure you can continue to manage it effectively.

Where you have a condition that is highly susceptible to relapse, steps should be taken to ensure you practice safely until treatment and management have been effective for a period of time.

If your health poses a risk to patients

If you have a health condition or a problem with alcohol or drugs that may pose a risk to patients, that is not currently being effectively managed you need to tell us so we can make sure patients are protected. Where the GMC has become aware of possible patient safety concerns arising from a health condition that is highly susceptible to relapse and is currently but only recently being effectively managed, we may need to know in order to monitor any risks for a period and ensure that steps are taken to ensure that patients are protected from the risk of relapse.

In these circumstance, if you've been referred to us for health concerns or have told us yourself, we may need to obtain further information about your health. We'll deal with this as sensitively as we can. If we feel that the concerns raised about your health condition could put patients at risk, we may ask you to have a health assessment.

Why you need to read this document
If you are a doctor with health issues, or you have been referred to us because of a health concern, this guide will help you find available support.