Guidance for performance assessors

Standards for performance assessors

Handbook for performance assessors

You can find further information in the Guidance and Forms folder in GMC Connect.

This includes:

  • associate update – current and back issues of the newsletter
  • user guides
  • templates for your reports and other guidance.

If you need any further guidance on your role, please contact our Associate Appraisal and Training team.

Telephone: 0161 240 8282.

How we appoint you to a team

We aim to make the allocation of work as equal as possible and appoint assessors on a rotating basis. However, there are other factors that we need to take into account.

Team leaders are experienced assessors who have undergone a selection and training process.  The team leader is usually the first assessor to be appointed to an assessment team.  In choosing a team leader we generally give priority to those who:

  • are in the same specialty as the doctor
  • are a newly trained team leader waiting to put their training in to practice.

The team leader will choose the dates of the assessment within a timeframe set by us.  We’ll then approach medical assessors. If the team leader works in the same speciality as the doctor, we usually appoint one medical assessor. If they don’t, we will appoint two.  In choosing medical assessors we will consider:

  • your specialty and grade, and whether you have the relevant experience to assess the doctor’s work
  • the experience of the team leader - we try to avoid appointing teams where the team leader and the medical assessor are new to their roles.

Sometimes medical assessors with the relevant specialist experience are not available in our pool. In this circumstance, we will look to see if there are suitably qualified doctors working as associates for other GMC departments.  If this is unsuccessful, we will approach the relevant royal college to seek their assistance with finding doctors working in the same field as the doctor under assessment. New medical assessors receive training before taking part in an assessment.

All assessors assigned to an assessment must attend a one day refresher training session if they have not already done so in the last 24 months.

We try to contact you individually when setting up the assessment team. Sometimes we have to approach more than one assessor simultaneously because of time restrictions. If you are asked to take part in an assessment, please respond to us within two days – an expression of interest is enough. If we don't hear from you within two days, we'll approach another assessor.