What happens after the assessment

Both examiners produce an independent report and do not usually discuss their findings with each other.

The reports cover:

  • a diagnosis using an internationally recognised classification system (ICD10 or DSM5)
  • whether you are fit to practise either generally, on a limited basis, or not at all
  • any recommendations about the management of your investigation.

Recommendations may include allocating a medical supervisor to report on your progress, or attending a support group to deal with substance use disorder.

If you disagree with the reports, you can get your own report and submit it as evidence. We consider all evidence before making a decision about your investigation.

What is the report used for?

When we get the health assessment reports, two of our senior decision makers (one medical and one non-medical) will decide how to progress your investigation.

They'll consider all the evidence gathered during the investigation, not just the contents of the health assessment report. They can decide to:

The report is confidential and we do not share it with any of your employers. It may be used at any subsequent tribunal hearings but those parts of the hearing which relate to your health are held in private without press or public present. All information about your health is removed from the minutes which are published on our website and is not disclosed elsewhere.