Health undertakings

We will usually offer you undertakings, if the only concerns about your practice are a result of a health condition. We can protect patient safety through an agreement with you. In this case, you will enter into our monitoring process. 

Read our page on supervision for general information on how we track conditions or undertakings. But, there are some differences when we track doctors with health concerns.

Your medical supervisor

If you have health conditions or undertakings in place, you will be assigned a medical supervisor. Your medical supervisor will usually be a consultant psychiatrist and may have experience of forensic psychiatry, occupational health or addictions.

You will have regular contact with your medical supervisor in person every other month and by telephone or email. In your first meeting, your supervisor will discuss your conditions or undertakings and let you know what is expected. From there, meetings will be tailored to your needs. Your medical supervisor will discuss your progress with us, but will also need to maintain contact with a number of other people.

  • An agreed point of contact with your employer(s), usually your workplace reporter.
  • Those who can confirm your attendance at planned appointments and changes to your medication or treatment.
  • People who you have agreed can provide information on how you are progressing. This could include support groups, family members or a partner.

If there is a change in your condition, you should let your medical supervisor know as soon as you can. 


Information about your health, including any relevant undertakings or conditions is confidential.

We won't disclose it to your employer, workplace supervisor or responsible officer without discussing it with you.

We will only publish and disclose non health-related undertakings and conditions that relate to your practice. If you have any concerns about your privacy and confidentiality, you should tell your medical supervisor.