Your feedback needed - paperless hearings and iPads

We’re working with MPTS to explore whether they can broaden the scope of paperless hearings. Current guidance is that all new MPT hearings are not suitable to be paperless, but in the context of the pandemic it has been necessary for some of these hearings to be paperless. If you’ve had a paperless new MPT since July, we’re interested in your feedback – goods, bads or indifferents. The more feedback we get on this one, the better.

If there is an option to expand paperless hearings, MPTS will need access to more iPads for their Tribunals. One option here is to ‘loan’ MPTS several of the iPads we make available to you. We know some of you prefer to use your own device at hearings. If you do use one of our iPads, please let us know.

Please email us at by Friday 2 October, with your email title as ‘Feedback from GMC counsel’.