Giving evidence

When you are called to give evidence, an MPTS staff member will take you to the hearing room and show you to the witness desk.

An MPTS assistant will ask whether you wish to take a religious oath on a holy book of your choosing, or to make an affirmation as to the truth of your evidence. The chairman of the tribunal will then introduce themselves and the rest of the tribunal to you.

It helps if you speak clearly and slowly into the microphone on the witness desk so that everyone can hear you.

Examination and cross-examination

The GMC representative will ask you to confirm your name and that the contents of your witness statement are true.

The tribunal will normally have read your statement beforehand. Our representative may ask you about your statement. After this, the doctor or their representative may may ask you more questions. The tribunal may also ask you more questions.

While you are giving your evidence, you may be shown other documents referred to by the GMC representative, the doctor or the doctor's representative. You can take your time to read each document carefully before answering any questions.


The hearing will adjourn from time to time either for lunch or at the end of each day, if the hearing lasts for more than one day.

The tribunal may also adjourn for a longer period to obtain additional evidence. Please remember that you must not talk to anyone about the case or about their evidence during any adjournment.

This includes anyone who is involved with the case as well as your friends or family. If you do speak to others about the case, it could have serious repercussions for the outcome of the hearing.