At the hearing

Getting to the hearing

On the day of the hearing, aim to arrive at the MPTS at least half an hour before you're due to give evidence.

The hearing centre is in St James’s Building on Oxford Road, Manchester.


When you arrive

You should come to the reception desk in the main foyer. You will be asked to sign in, after which you should take the lift to the 7th floor. From there, we'll greet you and show you to the waiting room.

If you're worried about meeting the doctor or anyone else involved in the case when you arrive, it may be possible for someone to meet you and show you to another room. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that you will not meet other people involved in the case.

Waiting to give evidence

You will wait in the witness room along with other witnesses until you're called to give evidence. You can't go into the hearing beforehand.

While you're waiting, please don't discuss the case or your evidence with anyone else, including other witnesses. This is because this could affect the outcome of the hearing.

We try to deal with cases as quickly as possible. But sometimes hearings can overrun, so you might have to wait some time before you're called to give evidence. If you can't give evidence on the allotted day because of a delay or change in circumstance, we'll ask you to return on another day.

Support for people with disabilities

The MPTS has wheelchair access and a loop system for people with hearing loss. If you have a disability, communication difficulties or other needs, please contact us so we can make any necessary arrangements for you to give evidence.

Arrangements could include:

  • providing a sign language interpreter
  • providing information in an alternative format
  • mobility assistance on the day of the hearing.


Please don't bring children to hearings if possible. We can give you information about claiming expenses for childcare if you need to arrange this to attend a hearing.

If you really have no option other than to bring children with you, please make sure they will be accompanied by another adult at all times. This means you will need to bring another adult to provide care while you are giving evidence. We will not be able to look after children, even for short periods.