Doctors' health concerns

Below you can access our online guide 'Your health matters', which provides a range of advice for doctors with health concerns.

“When a doctor is referred to the GMC it can be one of the most stressful and painful times of their lives and, for many, can lead to long periods of anxiety and depression. The GMC are mindful of this and, while their primary responsibility is the protection of patients, they are also aware that doctors need to be supported as the GMC process unfolds.

"This website provides the first step in this support, helping to provide timely information for doctors who may for health reasons be involved in the GMC's fitness to practise procedures. The content was written with the help of Practitioner Health Programme, the Doctors’ Support Network and the British Medical Association.”

Clare Gerada, Medical Director, Practitioner Health Programme

The Practitioner Health Programme ( is a service for doctors who have a mental health, addiction or physical health problem affecting their work.

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